24-7 SPYZ
(w/ Doug Pinnick and Spacey T)

At the Knitting Factory's Tap Room - NYC (8/16/05)


Rock guitarists Jimi Hazel and Spacey T!!!!!!

I went to New York City to check out the rock documentary film "Electric Purgatory"....it was a documentary on the trials & tribulations of black rock musicians dealing with the antics of the major record labels. It dealt with the way black musicians are not taken seriously unless they fall into a stereotypical category (i.e. R&B, hip-hop, rap)....the way that the whites have taken over rock music....the way that the record label head honchos focus their energy on having artists fit a particular label and maximizing their profits, instead of accepting artists's flexibility across different styles of music. After a few minutes of Q&A on the film, it was on to a jam session with 24-7 Spyz.

Doug Pinnick on lead vocals!

At 9:40pm, 24-7 Spyz started with a monster of a rock jam featuring Jimi Hazel and Bumblefoot on crunching guitar, Rick Skatore on some good bass, and Tobias Ralph on drums. After that, it was on to Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression" featuring lead vocals by Doug Pinnick (of KING'S X.....interesting enough, a song that the legendary rock band did on the DOGMAN album). Spacey T (formerly of Fishbone and Sound Barrier) threw down with some red-hot, sizzlin' lead guitar riffs that ripped through the air! The only problems were that Doug's vocals were low in the mix (at least part of the time) and that Doug seemed to have forgotten some of the words. The last song (.....UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WAS A 10:00PM CURFEW IN THE ROOM.....) was Sly & the Family Stone's "Stand", performed in a sizzlin' rock flavor...probably the way Sly should have done the song. The show was over too soon at 10:05pm.

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