24-7 SPYZ

At the Mercury Lounge - NYC (11/09/03)



Hardcore rock guitarist, Jimi Hazel!!

The funk-rock extravaganza of 24-7 Spyz began at 10:45pm with some "Spyz in Da House", some bone-crunching funk metal shit that melted the speakers of the Mercury Lounge! "Love For Sale" was a nice addition, but "Yeah x3" was DA BOMB....the drumming was WAY TOO POWERFUL (in comparison to the studio track).....thanks Tony Lewis!! Rick Skatore sounded great doing the lead vocals......and so did Jimi Hazel! "Face the Day" (a new song) featured some super-funk bass spanking by Rick and some lead axe slaying by Jimi!!

FUNKY BASSMAN, Rick Skatore!!

"Soul Sucker" and "Saturday Song" were good, with Jimi doing a lead guitar rendition of the wedding song! THE ONLY COMPLIANT WAS THE CONSTANT INTERRUPTION OF A SONG TO RETUNE AND START OVER! "Break The Chain" (a super-funk workout) and "Room #9" were followed by "Stuntman", which featured a slammin' bass solo and a lead guitar solo of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From the Sun"!! The 24-7 Spyz Experience ended at 12:15am.

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