24-7 SPYZ

At CBGB's - NYC (12/18/03)



Jimi Hazel, rock guitarist supreme!!

At 10:55pm, the NYC funk-rock outfit, 24-7 SPYZ, hit with a vengeance at CBGB's with their signature song "Spyz in Da House", with Jimi Hazel on lead vocals & blasting lead guitar, Rick Skatore on heavy bass & backing vocals, and Tony Lewis on bombastic drums......Tony, at one point, damn near tore CBGB's down (do I have to even go there?!) with some seismic drumming! "Pussy For Sale" was good, but "Yeah x3" was just so nasty!! "Face the Day" featured some excellent hardcore guitar and "killer smoke" bass by "Smoke" (I mean, Rick)! "Soul Sucker" had such fiery guitar riffs that you could literally smell the burning metal!!

Unfortunately, I had to leave the show at 11:25pm to check out SCREAMING HEADLESS TORSOS at the Tribeca Rock Club in downtown NYC.

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