At the Pussycat Lounge - NYC (11/07/03)



Amy Douglas, the funk-rock vocalist extraordinaire!!!

AETHOS started their energetic show at 10:05pm with a song that one could describe as a funk-rock explosion the size of the Hiroshima bomb!! Blaring guitarisms (by Joe Todaro), sizzlin' bass riffs (by Mike Preen) and jackhammer drumming by Dave "DD" Dawson, matched by the passionate power of Amy Douglas's lead vocals, ruled at the Pussycat Lounge (a strip bar/club in downtown NYC)! The keyboard riffs (by Mark Thorrs) really stood out during most of the was loud enough for Amy to tell the soundman to turn down the keyboards. "Rest of the Night" was good, but "Snatch" was better with nasty lead guitar slaying!! The last song, "Funky Superstar", was exactly that....FUNKY!!!! The AETHOS experience ended at 10:50pm.

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