At S.O.B.'s - NYC (3/10/04)



The Kool Kat himself, Amp Fiddler!!!

At 10:00pm, the soulful sounds of Amp Fiddler fell upon S.O.B.'s. My friend, Amp Fiddler, was dressed ever so cool (as per the picture above) and can blow (sing). This guy can play some groovy, spicy keyboards. The third song was where he said that "you have to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything" and he even led the audience into a chant of Edwin Starr "War" ("war.......what is it good for? absolutely nothing!")! "Superficial" featured the funky, pulsating bass drumbeats in the intro and some serious bass thumpin' by Paul Randolph!! The two female background vocalists sounded great, especially one Stephanie McKay (remember her.......from DRUGS?)! The band even switched into a reggae groove with some good keyboardisms. Another four or five songs later, the Amp Fiddler band was done with their set at 11:40pm.

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