All Mighty Senators

At the Middle East Club - Cambridge, MA (4/14/01)



At 10:45pm, the All Mighty Senators began their funky set with "One", a new song with an interesting guitar intro by Warren Boes and heavy bass riffing by Jack Denning! "Power Generator" was one of the best funk-rock blasts ever provided by AMS but the trumpet was too low. The same trumpet problem (Dave Finnell is the trumpeteer) was still present on "Trendsetter", but the guitar solo was off-da-hook!! "No Clothes On" was followed by "Superhuman" which borrows its melody from Chic's "Good Times". The next song was another new tune with some killer drumbeats by Kool-Ayde, a killer guitar solo and some funky bass!!! "Giant Steps" was followed by "You Got the Soul", which was filled with some spaced-out keyboard riffs by Dave Finnell!!

Another new tune followed, which was a sweet pop ballad with a hardcore rock chorus.......REALLY NICE!!!

The band ended their set on a high note with some Kung Fu-style funk.....a little song called "Chuck Norris (Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan)".......the song featured some nasty synthesized grooves by Dave and off-the-wall freaky bass riffs by Jack!!!

The show was over at 11:30pm.

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