All Mighty Senators

At the Bottom Line - NYC (9/01/00)



At 8:35pm, the Baltimore funk sensation, All Mighty Senators, hit the stage with a new funky song called "Chain Dragger", with some heavy, thumpin' bass (by Jack Denning), great drumming (by Kool-Ayde),and some FONKAY-AS-HELL guitar licks (by Warren Boes)! "Culture Shock" ws very good, but "Metaphor" featured a red-hot guitar solo by Warren!! "It's a One Way Street" featured some more lead guitar antics and some of Kool-Ayde's delicious, refreshing, strong drumbeats!! "No Clothes On" was good and "Herbals" featured some interesting horn riffs by trumpeteer Dave Finnell and saxophonist Junior Bryce. "Loser", another new addition to the band's live set, was really funky with Jack's funky bass stinking up the Bottom Line......too bad there was only 25 or so people in the whole place (that's fucked up)!

"Power Generation" ROCKED, and so did the song "Chuck Norris (Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan)" with a Japanese intro and some noxious, outta-space, funky-as-a-mosquito's-ass bass riffing (DAMN, WOT WAS DAT?!)!!

"(Chunky Buttered) Soul" ended the set on a good, funky note at 9:30pm.

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