At the Conduit Music Club - Trenton, NJ (1/17/03)


Chris Masi, Andy & "Manchild", of the funky New Jersey band, BROWN!!

At 10:10pm, the funky set of BROWN began with a searing, explosive lead guitar solo by the brutal axe-slayer & lead vocalist Chris Masi.....the song was called "You Lied to Me", a funky song with some hot guitar riffs.  "Pop Song" was good, but "Space Donkey" was better with the sexy horns of Andy (saxophone) and John "Manchild" (trumpet) and the wonderful percussion by Matt!!! BROWN dedicated the next song to the man of the hour, Dr. Brookenstein, on his was......."COSMIC SLOP"!!! "Cosmic Slop" started with the signature syncopated drums in the beginning by "Black Jimi", good bass work by Ryan and a hot lead guitar solo in the breakdown by Chris!!! "Be Thankful" was the last song, featuring some funky guitar riffs and synthesizer riffs by Matt! The set ended at 10:50pm.

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The star drummer of the night, Landis Expandis (or if you will, "Kool-Ayde")!!!!!

At 11:20pm, All Mighty Senators rocked the joint with some feel-good pop vibe called "Culture Shock"! Landis Expandis (aka KOOL-AYDE) took the fans into a secret world where everyone is a funky superhero!! I CAN DIG IT!!! RIGHT ON!! "Power Generator" was da shit with some raw guitar power by Warren Boes!! AMS dedicated "Superfriends" to the funky birthday boy, Dr. Brookenstein.  Fans joined together with their fists in the air in the SUPERFRIEND/SUPERHERO stance (check out the cover of the RAW POWER LIVE CD for clarification of that!)  The horns (Dave Finnell on trumpet & Craig on trombone) joined together in royal funkiness!!! "Loser" was good and so was the track from the EP release last year, "Kingpin", with the driving bass funk of Jack Denning!!  Ooh, I cannot forgot about the hot trombone solo, the funky organ riffs of Dave Finnell, and the fiery guitar solo!!! "Giant Steps" was followed by Trendsetter", with the funky drum rhythms of KOOL-AYDE!! "Pedestal Head" was a strange concoction with a little bit of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From the Sun"! "Ego Boost" was followed by the ultra-cool hippyfunk-pop workout, "Transmitta"!! "Herbals" was okay, but better was" Rock & Soul" (sounding like a harder version of "Soul") and "Soul" with some audience participation! The dark-sounding funk of "Raw Power" set off the TRENTENERGY (TRENTON+ENERGY....what? I know, KOOL-AYDE came up with that "on-the-fly" and began making up a song for the concept!) needed for AMS to conclude their show at 1:15am!!!

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