At Tower Theatre - Upper Darby, PA (8/09/03)




At 8:30pm, B.T. Express started the battle of the funk bands with some "Peace Pipe".....a pretty funky song with good percussion, impressive alto sax solos and some heavy drumming at the end. The crowded theatre room lit up when the boys did "I Like It", starting out with the super-funky bass riffs....the tenor saxophone was DEFINITELY on da one! The band did a blues version of "This House is Smokin'", featuring Valerie Adams (THAT'S VALERIE ADAMS OF THE DIMENSION BAND, A PLAINFIELD R&B OUTFIT) on sizzling lead vocals....then, it was time for the funk version! Valerie tore up the vocals on Chaka Khan & Rufus's "Sweet Thing". "Do It Till You're Satisfied" was good but short, and the little one-minute taste of "Here Comes The Express" was definitely groovin', BUT IF YOU'RE GONNA DO SHIT LIKE THAT....YOU GOTTA DO IT ALL THE WAY.....AIN'T NO HALF-STEPPIN'!! (Actually, because of time constraint, the band was hurried off the stage!) The B.T. Express round ended at 9:00pm.



After a 15-minute showcase by new female Phila. International Records artist YSJ, the funk was back with Brass Construction at 9:20pm. From the first song, folks got that funk brass attack (two trumpets and one sax were front and center)! "Keep on Movin'" was followed by "Changin'", a bad-ass funk song featuring some pulsating bass, spicy synthesizer riffs and a heavy drum solo at the end. Following that was a mellower song about love. "Movin' On" was another funky song that the fans really enjoyed. The Brass Construction round ended at 9:55pm.



At 10:05pm, the Dazz Band came out with some guys hyping up the crowd to the song "Dazz" (actually a song by the Atlanta-based group, BRICK). After about ten minutes of that stuff, it was on to "Swoop, I'm Yours".....the bass funk was definitely there and some great synthesizers were there too! "Let It Whip" was a crowd-pleaser with some audience participation! The vocalist began singing a little bit of DMX's "Party Up in Here" (the chorus)! The Dazz Band round ended at 10:30pm.\



At 10:40pm, the funk went to new levels with the Original PFunk! The O.P. crew cranked out "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples", featuring some super-nasty, noxious synthesized fumes of bad-ass keyboardist Pete Piscarzyk!! "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" featured the funky vocal trio of Fuzzy Haskins, Grady Thomas and Ray Davis giving the audience what they want, when they want, so they won't sit all the time!! The song featured O.P. signature phrase, "The Funk is in the House" and Ray Davis's seismic vocalizations of "Pumpin It Up"! "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" proceeded to rip the roof off of the Tower Theatre, while "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" had the crowd in funk heaven.....the synthesizer riffs of Pete were great, and it was nice to see Charlene (of Funk-Kin) on keyboards, too! "Cosmic Slop" suffered from the fact that the guitars (especially during the solo spots) were horridly low (somebody betta check those monitors!) Paisley and Gen-O The Cookie Monster Thomas were jammin' their asses off but the sound came out weak. On the plus side, it was great to hear Ray's sub-bass co-lead vocals! Missing from the OP girl lineup was Jackie Love (she couldn't make it for personal reasons).

 The female fans were pulled onstage for the last funky romp, "Flashlight"! The competition was over at 11:40pm.


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