At North by Northwest - Philly (12/2/05)



The soulful Bettye Lavette!!!

At 10:10pm, the Bettye Lavette band began their set with a funky little instrumental, for about 10 minutes before Bettye herself took stage. Bettye is a wonderful soul/R&B vocalist whose voice would probably remind you of Tina Turner. The first two songs that she performed were reminscient of the early 1970's Funkadelic catalog....just some RAW, NASTY FUNK!! The third song was a soulful ballad from the early 1970's. One of the show's highlights was the song "It Serves Him Right", with the bluesy piano riffs of Allen and the ripping lead guitarisms of William (in the beginning, Bettye was conversing with a white woman in the audience). Bettye did an introduction of all the players, with each player doing an all-out impressive solo....Allen's N'awlins-style piano keyboard riffing (reminiscent of The Meters and Professor Longhair), Williams's lead guitar riffs of the Ohio Players's "Fire" breakdown, Dale Pearson's bombastic drumming, and Patrick's jazz-style bass rumblings. After a few more songs, the show was over around 11:45pm.

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