Betty Whitetrash

At the Trocadero Balcony Bar - Philly (3/30/01)



Betty Whitetrash's calling card!!!

At 11:35pm, Betty Whitetrash kicked off their show with "Kick It". "Kick It" was some all-out hardcore rock shit, with some fiery Jay Medley soloing!! "Lead Me On" featured some heavy bass (by Bob Shame) & guitar work......Jay did some more rock guitar jamming!!!!

"Hopes & Dreams" benefited from more funkier bass riffing......thanks to "Mr. Shame"!

The psychedelic guitar moves of the fiery guitarist, Jay Medley!!!

"One Thousand Dreams" was tight.....with some excellent drumming by Bob Bannon! "Ace Space Case" suffered from some vocals that were too low.......from Bob Shame's mic. "True Blue", the irresistible "Sweet Evil", and "Take The Fall" were followed by "Imminent Destruction", which was interrupted by drum equipment problems. The break lasted about 4 minutes and when the problem was resolved, Betty Whitetrash just started the song over. (IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, TRY TRY AGAIN!!) "Hit the Brakes" was the last insane rock tune that ended at 12:30am.

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