Betty Whitetrash

At Tritone - Philly (8/26/06)



Jeremy Hugo with the two strippers!

At 12:20am, Betty Whitetrash (fresh from a five-year hiatus) started their set with the song that was featured on a TV commercial years ago..."One Thousand Dreams"...this song sounded as good as it did back then...the same diesel-fuelled rock blast of the blazing bassline of Bob Shame, the fiery guitar riffing of Jay Medley and the powerful drum pounding of Bob Bannon...OH, LET'S NOT FORGET the golden rock voice of the crazy Jeremy Hugo!! The energy continued into "Hopes and Dreams". "She's So Sweet", "Take the Fall" and "Lead Me On" were followed by "Time of the Season" featuring hip-hop rapper Max. Jeremy invited two strippers to the stage to dance during "Let Me Put My Love" and "Hate Myself"...male fans gathered around to place dollar bills in the G-strings! The ending to the set was as hardcore as the beginning with "Ace Space Case" and "Imminent Destruction". The set was over at 1:20am.

Rapper Max

Jeremy Hugo with Bob Shame!!

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