Betty Whitetrash

At the Khyber - Philly (10/12/00)



At 12:30am, Betty Whitetrash took the stage in rare form, with some beyond-lethal funk-rock shit!!!! "Ace Space Case" was the first lethal dose of rock medicine, with Dr. Jay Medley applying burning, corrosive guitar riffs to the fans' ears!! The headman, the one and only Capt. Useless himself.......Jeremy Hugo, danced and bounced about maniacally onstage, knocking over a mic stand!!! The bad-ass muthafucka on the drums, Bob Bannon, had everyone's ears bleeding from his raw power on "One Thousand Dreams".....and Dr. Medley stepped in to add more pain to the ears! "Capt. Useless" had the strength of 10 was funny to see Jeremy writhing on the floor, as if he escaped from a mental asylum! "Break Free" was good, but "Sweet Evil" was so nasty with some seismic bass licking by Bob Shame! "True Blue" and "Hit The Breaks" were wonderful, the latter being a psychotic rock tune (with the strength of 20 H-bombs). The drums on "Hit The Breaks" sped up quickly towards the end of the song and it looked like the amps were on the urge of blowing up! "Take The Fall", "Hopes & Dreams", and "Imminent Destruction" (which destroyed the Khyber entirely..........wait a minute, the Khyber already looked bad! JUST KIDDING, KHYBER EMPLOYEES!) ended the Betty Whitetrash set at 1:15am.

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