At Warmdaddy's - Philly (6/7/08)


Brian Williams & Tom Long!

At 8:00pm, Philly funk band THE BLUE METHOD started their set with a song called "God Made Me Funky" (originally by The Headhunters)....a funky song with good lead vocals by Brian Williams, good bass lines by Rah M. Sungee and some nice rhythm guitarisms by Michael Patriarca! "Superstition" was followed by "Other Family" featured some of Michael's patented funky scratch guitar riffs! After a performance of a blues song, featuring some nice blues guitar riffing, the band performed the medley "Things I'll Do/Sad Thing", featuring some hot horn performances by saxophonist Tom Long and trombonist/trumpeteer Brian Williams! Rah started the song "Don't They" with some solid bass lines. The next song was a 60's soul number featuring vocals by Brian, Rah and Tom. Following that was a nasty funk-rock tune that resembled Prince's "Peach"...the lead guitar solo was lethal! "Fool For You" was followed by the Sly Stone song "If You Want Me to Stay", which was the best performance so far, with amazing guitar, bass and drum solos!! The first set was over at 9:20pm.

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