At the Spence Cafe - West Chester, PA (2/27/04)


Washington, D.C. funk band BOOGIEHAWG began their set at 11:00pm with a couple of funk jams.....these are some terribly funky white boys (reminds me of another band called BROWN)....there was some poppin' bass riffs, nasty rock guitarisms, good conga rhythms, tight drumming, and some very good saxophone & trumpet sounds! They performed an original called "Big Bad Wolf", with some good wah-wah guitarisms but I couldn't hear the guitarist's vocals. The band actually tackled the J.B. song, "The Chicken", and they tore it up.....a couple of fiery lead guitar solos filled the air, the horn solos were "on the mark", and the bass licks were just smokin'!!! They performed some other songs....I don't know the song titles, but they were good and funky. I left early at 11:55pm to handle some stuff at home.

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