At BAM Cafe - Brooklyn, NY (6/6/08)



Yes, PRINCE fans...this was 1 of the tributes that New York City had 2 offer in honor of Prince's 50th Birthday (born on 6/7)....this tribute WAS BETTER THAN THE OTHER 1'S BECAUSE THE BAND PLAYED MOSTLY OBSCURE, NON-HIT or BOOTLEGGED MATERIAL!! (THEY PERFORMED ONLY 2 SONGS THAT PRINCE WOULD PERFORM LIVE!) THIS WAS AN EVENT THAT WAS PUT 2GETHER BY BRC MASTERMIND, DARRELL McNEILL! There EYE was, sitting in the front with some of the coolest people in the N-Y-C, like Brooklyn guitar funk star Eric Perl (funkateers may remember him from DEEP POCKET and NAPPYHEAD FUNK ARMY), musician Miles, Baron Keels, and Santa Barbara's own Soul-Patrol Coordinator--the beautiful SALLY FOXEN!

The Black Rock Coalition band started at 10:00pm with "America", with good lead vocals by Doron Flake and a nice fast uptempo groove, despite the use of electronic drums by percussionist Shawn Banks (formerly of NYC's own APOLLO HEIGHTS) -- EYE didn't see what purpose it served during the song. "EYE Wanna B Ur Lover" sounded great with some funky rhythm guitar (courtesy of V. Jeffrey Smith, of the famous R&B band, THE FAMILY STAND)....the best part was the inclusion of some funky basslines & hot, blazin' trumpet and sax lines from BT Express's "Do You Like It?" during the middle of the song!! (the funk basslines were courtesy of Mr. Darrell McNeill, the trumpet lines - courtesy of Wayne, and the sax lines - courtesy of V. Jeffrey Smith) By the way, the brief drum solo (courtesy of Don MacKenzie) during "Ur Lover" was kickin'!! NYC's power punk-rock vocalist Militia took the next song, "Sexuality", and turned it into a hi-energy rock the end, even those people who sat still in their seats were DRIPPIN' WET! Things got a little weird during the next song "Dirty Mind", as lead vocalist Marsailles came 2 the stage and performed, just 2 crawl on2 the table where EYE sat and began 2 grind on a woman sittin' across from me. Incidentally, his vocals weren't that good, but he redeemed himself on "Nothing Compares 2 U". "4 The Tears in Ur Eyes" featured lead vocalist Kelsey with backing vocals by Militia and Maritri. Everett Bradley performed lead vocals on "Controversy", which featured some good wah-wah guitarisms, funky bass riffs, some good drumming and funk synthesizer riffs by keyboardist Gene Williams! The band with the help of another hardcore rock vocalist, Sophia Ramos, nearly burned down the BAM Cafe with an electrifying display of ear-splitting hardcore rock nastiness -- THAT'S RIGHT....N*GGAZ WITH GUITARS!!! (WATCH OUT!!!!) "Power Fantastic" was a nice, beautiful ballad with lovely piano riffs & lead vocals by the beautiful Maritri! The muted trumpet (courtesy of Wayne), flute (courtesy of V. Jeffrey), and violin (courtesy of Tara Reynolds) riffs were also excellent!! "Nothing Compares 2 U" was Marsailles's 2nd vocal performance and it sounded better, although this is the Sinead O'Connor version (which EYE don't like). Kelsey took me back 2 the good ol' days when EYE used 2 trade bootlegs, when he did the lead vocals on "Interactive", a blazing rock guitar song! The BAM Cafe suffered a huge blow 2 its foundation, nearly crumbling under the NASTY PUNK-ROCK ENERGY of the 1980 version of the Graffiti Bridge track "Tick, Tick, Bang" (an unreleased track, only available as a bootleg)....lead vocalist was the powerful MILITIA!!! "Don't Play Me" was a straight-up R&B tune with some nice guitar and great percussion work by Shawn Banks! "EYE Feel 4 U" was done in a reggae flavor, which sounded weird, but it was good....especially with meaty funk bass by Darrell and lead vocals by Jenny. After the introductions, the BRC band performed "Calhoun Square", a nasty funk-rock tune with energetic lead vocalist Sophia Ramos. "Erotic City" was the encore performance, featuring Everett on bass lead vocals and Kelsey on 2nd lead vocals....Sophia and Militia provided backing vocals. The song featured some funky bass lines and electronic drum riffing. The experience was over at 11:20pm.

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