At Ashes - Red Bank, NJ (10/31/02)



The funky band, BROWN, started their first set at 9:15pm with a funky jam featuring Chris Masi on lead vocals and funky lead guitarism!! The thumpin' bass was the driving force behind the tune "Baby Don't Make Me Wait", a song featuring some great horn work! BROWN went into Prince/JB territory with the irresistible "Irresistible Bitch/Sexy MF/Super Bad"......"Super Bad" featured some great scratch guitar work by Chris! "Shake It Loose" featured some of Chris's intense wah-wah guitarisms! The band even did the Funkadelic gem "Cosmic Slop".....unfortunately, the guitar solo was not really up-to-par (no Michael Hampton/Gene Thomas (Original PFunk) type of guitar power). The first set was over at 10:00pm.

The second set of BROWN began around 10:40pm. I walked back to the stage area while they were in the middle of Prince's "Little Red Corvette". Tasty guitar licks permeated the Rolling Stones cover "Miss You"....the sax solo was pretty funky, too!! They even tackled some of that Jimi Hendrix shit....something called "Red House"! After doing some great horn work on Charles Wright's "Express Yourself", BROWN got into some reggae stuff called "Stir It Up" (a Bob Marley tune?!) with some good percussion! After doing another slow song, they did something really funky....."Soul Power", with a kick-ass drum solo, standout rhythm guitar and some great percussion!! During the "Soul Power" jam, they tacked on some of that Funkadelic sheeet, "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On"!!! I left at that point to go back to New York City at 11:30pm (since that was the last song of the second set, BROWN probably ended around 11:40pm).


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