BROWN (with Alycat and Buddha Dadda)

At the Tritone - Philly (3/5/08)


At 10:00pm, Alycat started their set with some good midtempo funk called "Rainy Daze", featuring some good solid bass riffs by Alycat herself. Unfortunately, amidst this tune and "Funky Bitch" (and the blazing lead guitar soloing), most of the set was more of a pop music showcase ("Hey J", "Anything But You", "Fool", "Drug" and "Who"). The Alycat show was over at 10:45pm.

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At 11:10pm, Buddha Dadda started the nastiest, funkiest uptempo jam of the night, featuring some nasty wah-wah lead guitarisms by PHUNKYMAN, strong thumpin' bass by Douglas, powerful horn blowing (reminiscent of Tower of Power), good conga playing, and spicy synthesizer riffing!!! I don't know the song titles that were performed but it was about 35 minutes of just some funky jamming, including some really tight drum stylings by Philly's own...the legendary CHUCK TREECE!!! And the mind-blowing, slap-funk bass solo provided by Doug was the TRUE SMOKIN' HIGHLIGHT OF THE SET!!! Buddha Dadda was over at 11:45pm.

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Guitarist/vocalist of Red Bank, NJ funk band BROWN, Chris Masi!!!

At 12:15am, it was time for the groovy funk sounds of the 70's with New Jersey-based funk band, BROWN....they started out strong with the heavy funk of "You Lied to Me", featuring some wicked wah-wah guitar riffing & some good lead vocals by Chris Masi.....and a chant that went "Just like a little wood boy I know, your nose will grow...and grow and grow!" (HEY, who's that talkin' 'bout SIR NOSE??! UH, DON'T TAKE DA FUNK, BABA!) "Wasting My Time" was followed by the Funkadelic gem "Cosmic Slop" (which started with a shout out to one Dr. Brookenstein), featuring some good solid bass riffing and fiery, red-hot rock guitarisms! BROWN played a ballad, followed by another funky uptempo tune but I had to leave around 12:40am to get back home (I had to work the next day).

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