At the North Star Bar - Philly (7/20/04)



At 10:30pm, Buckethead and his band started the show with some Buckethead sonic guitar blasts as the intro to a funky-rock experimental tune. On the second tune, Buckethead was playing some really nasty lead guitar riffs repeatedly as the drummer (Brain ?) was having a "seizure" on the drum kit!! The fourth tune featured some stank-ass funk bass (during the intro) but turned into some fuzz-tone bass riffing. The fifth tune featured some spooky-sounding guitarisms during most of the songs, but the chorus featured the band members tearing into some hardcore rock. "Crash Victim" (from the first Praxis album "Transmutation") was done differently, featuring Buckethead's newer version of the speed-metal breakdown (without the speed-metal........Buckethead played some of the guitar riffs but threw in some from the ending of "Stimulation Loop").

Buckethead had a solo spot where he played some offbeat guitar riffs, including the song "Pirate's Life For Me". Buckethead took out a "talking head" and displayed it for the fans (with some weird vocal sample playing) before going to "Want Some Slaw?" That was followed by "Interface" (from the Praxis album "Transmutation") and something that sounded like "Warcraft"......yes, it was funky!! More of the clucking chicken (that Buckethead comforted by petting it), chick puppet and a gorey-looking head (that actually "talked"), mixed with some slap-bass, sound effects by the drummer and insane lead guitarisms, including possibly doing "Aquabot" (I thought I heard that song) and the Buckethead show was over at 12:10am (after an encore performance).

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