Sharief in BURGUNDY

At the North Star Bar - Philly (9/02/00)



Sharief Ali with Nou (guest vocalist)!

At 12:05am, Sharief in Burgundy started their set. First of all, this is not the same group that I checked out in New York City and New Brunswick, NJ......Sharief was the only person that I recognized! Secondly, this was a different sound for Sharief in BURGUNDY.......more hardcore funk-rock over R&B!! THIS IS WHAT SHARIEF IN BURGUNDY SHOULD SOUND LIKE!!!

The first song, from Jimi Hendrix's BAND OF GYPSYS, was called "Stop" and it was full of excellent, hardcore Hendrixian guitarisms & great vocals by Sharief Ali!! Sharief's funky rhythm guitar licks were the intro to the Burgundy original "Smoke", which included some heavy thumpin' bass by Ben and a hot lead guitar solo! The ending was a strong bass solo, following a period of some quality drumming by Steve!! "Reign Fall" featured an interesting drum solo.

"Spanish Castle Magic" was some abrasive funk-rock that featured Sharief shining on fiery lead guitar! (THIS CAN'T BE THE REAL SHARIEF IN BURGUNDY!)

"All of Our Lives" and "Bambi" were next.......

"Bambi" (a hardcore rock tune by Prince) SMOKED with scorching guitarisms, heavy bassics, and heavy drumbeats!! Nou, guest female vocalist, performed lead vocals with assistance from the bass player, Ben.

A guest male vocalist did lead vocals on the Rolling Stone's "Miss You", with assistance from Sharief. The lead guitar riffs were smokin'!! The next song was a reggae tune with some standout bass. Another Band of Gypsys song, "Who Knows", ended the funk-rock-R&B set at 1:05am.

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