At Kenny's Castaways - NYC (8/16/06)


Butterscotch members Thomas Hutchings Jr., Chris Dawson, Kent Strong and Thomas Ward

I arrived at the show a little late at 9:25pm sand missed Butterscotch's performance of "Recriminations". "Smackin' That Ass" was good only because of some gunky scratch guitarisms throughout the bridge portions of the song by Becker Drane. "Ain't Nobody Business" was followed by the instrumentals "MZA" and "Latin Song", the latter being a nice funky Latin groove with some strong bass riffing by Chris Dawson and great sax work by one and only..........THOMAS HUTCHINGS, JR! "Stanklove" featured lead vocalist Kent Strong doing some passionate vocalizing, although I don't think that I would put Kent near the top of my list of strong male vocalists (which includes Corey Glover, Keith Thomas of Funk-Kin, or TM Stevens)."Last Embrace" was a good R&B ballad that featured a light funky jam done to an offbeat rhythm. After a good blues song, Butterscotch performed thee Jimi Hendrix classic "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" with some blazing, nasty lead guitaring by Becker!! By the way, I had the hardest time hearing Kent's vocals, especially if I went to the middle of the room...maybe his mic was too low in the mix or something. The set ended at 10:25pm.

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