At the World Cafe Live - Philly (8/11/06)



R&B vocalist, Stephanie McKay!

At 8:10pm, the band for NYC R&B vocalist Stephanie McKay began with a great rendition of The Temptations's "Ball of Confusion"! When Stephanie came out, the sound became more of a R&B groove. The best part of the show was the funk jam where Stephanie loosened up and came off the stage to dance with a few fans...the synthesizer sounded mighty good on the snippet of James Brown's "Doin it to Death" and Brick's "Dazz"...Stephanie took a moment to beat one of the drums, as the drummer was jammin'! The band did a more reggae-style song followed by a slow R&B song. On the last song, the delicious rhythm guitar of Mark and the deep funk bass romping was so good that it sounded like some Meters stuff, along with the ecellent wah-wah funk guitar riffs in the middle of the song. The Stephanie McKay set was over at 8:55pm.

Stephanie McKay, again!

Southern Soulful singer, Candi Staton!!

Around 9:15pm, Candi Staton started her set with the country song "Cry to Me" (from the new CD "His Hands"). "I'd Rather Be an Old Man's Sweetheart Than a Young Man's Fool" was some funky soul music with great scratch guitar riffing! "You Don't Have Far to Go" was good because of great horn section. "Stand By Your Man" was a country song with some acoustic guitaring, while "In the Ghetto" was a great R&B track that preached about the downfalls of life in the ghetto. "I'll Sing a Love Song to You" was good, but better was "How Do I Get Over You", a gutbucket blues song that kicked into a jam session with some great organ riffing & backing vocals!! "The Best Thing You Ever Had" was the funkiest song thanks to some serious funk jamming, including a powerful drum solo by Marcus Staton (Candi's son). "His Hands" was a powerful slow song, especially with the serious emotion in Candi's voice. "Young Hearts Run Free" and "Victim" were disco songs that the band somehow spinned into some disco/funk stuff. Interesting enough, the encore performance was "Victim" (again!)...wouldn't it make more sense to perform a song that wasn't done yet...sheesh! The Candi Staton was over around 10:40pm.

Candi Staton, again!!!

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