At Campbell Park - Hempstead, NY [Long Island] (9/9/07)


Dorsey's McRae guitar with the immortal words of Bubba (from Sanford & Son).....!

I arrived at Campbell Park at 3:20pm to hang out with the Chauncey Nedd and the fellas as they were doing a soundcheck. I was able to see a good bit of a baseball game in the park, as well as walk around Hempstead a little bit. It would be another 90 minutes or so before the band would start their first set.

The funky leader himself, Chauncey Nedd!

At 5:00pm, Chauncey Nedd and the Neddman Band started their set with the Grover Washington Jr. classic "Mr. Magic"....some good funk-jazz that would have sounded great if the fellas didn't have sound problems (every 2 seconds, you could hear loud static shooting from the speakers). The band finished the song and then took a long, 15-minute break to attempt to fix the problem. Around 5:25pm, the band resumed the show with Kool & the Gang's "Funky Stuff", featuring rhythm/scratch guitarisms of one Dorsey McRae (guitar riffs that will remind you of Funkadelic's "Let's Take It to the Stage" or more accurately, The Ohio Players's "Hustle Bird" from the 1975 rare Westbound LP RATTLESNAKE).... Chauncey and T.K. Murry handled the vocals, while Wayne Wofford (on sax) and Harry (on trumpet) sounded very good. From there, it was on to Tyrone Davis territory with a song called "Can I Change My Mind".... all the "oldhead guys" in the crowd (THIS WAS A CROWD OF 100% BLACK FOLKS) was jammin' to this song and singing the lyrics! "Knock on Wood" (originally by Eddie Floyd) was the next R&B song, featuring an energetic sax solo by Wayne and a nasty lead guitar solo at the end (courtesy of Dorsey McRae). After more sound adjustments, the next song was the Temptations's "Just My Imagination", which featured a nice reggae part towards the end. The first set was over at 6:10pm....too short a set, considering that the band stopped twice to fix sound problems.... actually, "Can I Change My Mind" and "Knock on Wood" suffered a good bit from static!

I chose to depart the park at 6:50pm because I needed to head back to Philly (I had to get ready for work the next day).... as I was leaving, the band began their second set with one of Cameo's funky tunes "Candy", featuring the stank bassisms of Chauncey Nedd!

The personnel for the Neddman Band:

·         Chauncey Nedd - bass, vocals

·         Sir Charles - keyboards

·         T.K. Murry - vocals, percussion

·         Dorsey McRae - guitar, percussion

·         George - guitar

·         C.J. - drums

·         Wayne Wofford - saxophone

·         Harry - trumpet


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