At the Arts Center - Bayonne, NJ (11/23/07)


At 9:00pm, after a jazz performance by the Chops Horns, it was time for the Chops Band to start their funk set with a good piece of Funkadelic sheeet called "Cosmic Slop" featuring the blazing rock guitarisms of Michael "Moon" Reuben (formally of Bernie Worrell's WOO Warriors)...actually, I felt a little betrayed when the lead vocalist Ambrosia started singing the lyrics to Chaka Khan & Rufus's "You Got the Love" (I was thinking, "Space people, universal......OH, WAIT...THIS ISN'T "COSMIC SLOP"???!! UGH!) The band performed New Birth's "I Can Understand It" and a song from one of Quincy Jones's albums. Ambrosia shined vocally (and in beauty too) as she sang the Chaka Khan & Rufus classic "Tell Me Something Good"! For the ending, the Chops Band went into Tower of Power territory with the classic "What is Hip?", but not without including the James Brown hit "Sex Machine", featuring the majestic Chops Horns (including the funky Darryl Dixon....the one who performed with Quazar back in the day AND also the one who played sax on Parliament's "Flashlight")...the basswork on "What is Hip?" (provided by Kevin Parlor) was just fantastic! The show was over at 10:00pm.

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