At North by Northwest - Philly (6/25/04)



Zydeco master, C.J. Chenier!!!!!

At 10:15pm, the fun began with C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band....theyperformed a lot of fast-tempo, zydeco party music with oneblues ballad.....and MOST OF THE FANS **DID**PARTY, as a lot of middle-aged couples were up dancin' to the zydeco funk!! WhileI am not familiar with C.J. Chenier's work, I will say that the guitarist repeatedlydid some nasty, fiery lead guitar soloing, the organist sounded very goodand the bass player was very funky!! "It's Alright" was an example of the finezydeco funk that C.J. tossed to the fans! "Eyes on You" was another fan favorite, butthe best song ever performed was the classic "Hot Tamale Baby" (also performedby zydeco great Buckwheat Zydeco).....the song was full of lead guitar fire and somefunky bassisms!! The first set was over at 11:15pm.

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