At Dotson's Live in Glen Burnie, MD - 4/06/02



The first Clones of Funk set started at 10:15pm with some JB's "Soul Power" irresistible scratch rhythm guitar groove (provided by the Clones's Gerard "Hot Rod" Butler) was accented by a hot saxophone solo by Derrick!! The saxophone & trumpet (Derrick & Mike) were funky on the next song, "What We Do" (a Clones original)!

"Jungle Boogie" featured some funkified, thumpin' bass by the one and only, the great Terre Holland!!!

"Tear the Roof Off the Sucka", "Theme From the Black Hole" and "Knee Deep" were good, but better was the heavy-duty power drumming by Tom "Smack Daddy" Wilson on "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples"!! Listening to Wesley Beann & Lamont "Scrape" Randall sing their "Ga ga goo ga, ga ga goo ga, ga ga goo ga-ga"'s was a definite treat! The first set was over at 11:35pm.


The second cumming of the Clones got off at 12:10am, with some orgasmic funk shit called "Funkentelechy" (or FUNK-en-te-LE-CHY)!! Terre beat off the crowd with some spanking bass while Hot Rod tickled some fancies with some funky rhythm guitaring!! The horny horns were enough to wet the average listener's eardrums, while Wesley & Scrape teased the audience with the question, "Where'd you get your funk from?" Both "Funkentelechy" and "We Want Bootsy" featured the all-too-famous horn riff from "Disco-To-Go". After a chant from Bootsy's "Pinocchio Theory", it was time to get "Up For the Down Stroke". The band stroked the audience well on "Sir Nose D'Voiddoffunk (Pay Attention-B3M)" that many folks actually saw "funk heaven"......the funk was spread on thick on this song! "Cosmic Slop" was smokin' with the steamy hot lead guitargasms of Hot Rod and the tight-ass drumming by Smack Daddy....(where is the funklady? I need a towel quick!) "One Nation" and "Bop Gun" were great, and "Flashlight" set everyone back to the good ole days of 1978.....booties shook to and fro!! "Better By the Pound" featured some great vocals by Wesley & Scrape! The Clones of Funk did a short version of "Red Hot Momma" rock guitar goodness that ended the second set at 1:35am.

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