At McKenzie's - Baltimore, MD (5/28/04)



Clones of Funk lead men, Wesley Beann and Scrape!!!

After a long while of setting up their equipment and soundchecking, the Clones of Funk hit the stage at 10:15pm. "Gamin' on Ya" was the first song and it was a tight jam, featuring the majestic horns of Mike and Jerry Queene! After about 8 minutes, the funky duo Wesley Beann and Scrape arrived to add their funky, funky vocals to the mix.....YES, them boys can blow with the best! "Aqua Boogie" and "Theme From The Black Hole" were great, the latter featuring some super-thumpin' bass riffing by Terre "He's So Scary" Holland and some spicy keyboardisms by Gene McBride!! "Red Hot Momma" (which incorporated "Undisco Kidd") was great because it featured a hellified guitar solo by Rolanzo!! "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" got everyone off their asses and jamming, singing "We want the funk, give up the funk!" "Maggot Brain" actually featured some saxophone playing by was pretty good. Rolanzo's rendition of the Eddie Hazel guitar riffing was paled in comparison to what other great guitarists have done (including MIKE MCHENRY, Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton and Andre Lassalle). The first set was over at 11:45pm.

Guest guitarist Alan with Scrape!!

The second Clones of Funk set started around 12:10am with the band doing a PRINCE song....."Purple Rain", an edited version of the song featuring Gene McBride on lead vocals, trying 2 do a halfway vocal impression of the Purple 1!! That was followed by "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" and "Mothership Connection".....the fans ate the funk up with a big spoon!!!


The Clones brought Alan, a guest guitarist, to the stage and he added some funky rhythm guitar riffs to (I believe it was...) "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)". "Flashlight" was a long, super-funky extravaganza that featured the horny horn stylings of Jerry Queene and Mike. "Cosmic Slop" featured some good drumming by Mark Brown, but the best part was probably the powerful guitar solo by Rolanzo.....and the rumblin' bass of Terre!! "Up For the Down Stroke/I Can Move You (If You Let Me)" featured the funky vocal stylings of Wesley and Scrape doing various P-Funk lines from "All Sons of Bitches" ("Gonna get down with ya.......funkin' at street level"), "Pinocchio Theory" ("Somebody been funkin' with my funk....."), "Funk Express Card" ("You can't get in without your funk card, baby"), and other songs. "One Nation Under a Groove" was done with a different arrangement, but it was still funky. They were about to do my favorite (just for me), "Hit It and Quit It", but decided to go with another song (DAMN!!!)....."Unfunky UFO"!! "Unfunky UFO" featured some of the funkiest guitar riffs ever heard!! The second set was over at 1:35am.


1.   Wesley Beann - lead vocals, percussion

2.   Scrape - lead vocals, percussion

3.   Terre Holland - bass

4.   Rolanzo - lead guitar, rhythm guitar

5.   Mark Brown - drums

6.   Gene McBride - keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals

7.   Mike - trumpet, percussion, vocals

8.   Jerry Queene - saxophone

9.   Alan - (guest on rhythm guitar)

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