At the Stanton Center in Annapolis, MD - 12/01/01



A Clones of Funk alumnus vocalist, Marvin!!

At 10:30pm, the Clones of Funk began their MOB REUNION show with Clones regulars: Wesley Beann (lead vocalist), Scrape (lead vocalist), Tom "Smack Daddy" Wilson (drummer), Gene McBride (keyboardist), Terre Holland (bassist), and Hot Rod (guitarist). The Clones alumni include Marvin (lead vocalist), Michael Henry (lead guitarist), Andre Lassalle (guitarist), Chickie (guitarist), Mark Brown (drummer), Mike (trumpeteer), Derrick (trombonist), and Jerry Queene (saxophonist).

"We Want Bootsy" was the first song that featured the smoking bass riffs of Mr. Terre Holland!! "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" featured some tight horns and Worrell-esque keyboards by Gene! "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" featured the tight drum stylings of Smack Daddy, and included a segment of "Everything is On the One" which featured a hot guitar & horn jam!
"Theme From the Black Hole" sounded so good with the funky vocal stylings of Marvin, accompanied by Wesley & Scrape!! Also, the "Black Hole" featured some great rhythm guitaring by Hot Rod!! "Up For the Down Stroke" featured a snippet of "I Can Move You (If You Let Me)", George Clinton's chant "A tail ain't nothin' but a long booty.....a booty ain't nothin' but a butt!", and lines from "All Sons of Bitches" & "Slingshot". Funky bass and keyboards was the order (along with some good drumming) of this song! The first set ended at 11:30pm.


At 11:45pm, the second set began with Mark Brown on drums. The first song, "Maggot Brain", was da shit with some hot lead guitaring by Michael McHenry and power bass riffs by Marvin!! "Red Hot Momma" featured some new lyrics.

"Cosmic Slop" featured super-hardcore rock guitaring by Andre and some powerful drumming by Mark.

"P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" was followed by "Mothership Connection (Starchild)". A long jam called "Flashlight" set the afire with some crazoid synthesized riffs and some rhythm guitaring by Andre. "Flashlight" featured a little bit of "Electric Spanking of War Babies".

"Dog Star" featured the guitar army (Terre, Hot Rod, Michael & Andre) in electrifying form!!

The second set ended at 1:20am.


At 1:30am, "One Nation Under a Groove" started off the final set with some great lead guitaring! "Atomic Dog" featured "I Got a Thang, You Got a Thang, Everybody's Got a Thang". "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" featured a powerful jam with the horns and guitars!

"Better By the Pound" featured great percussion......I think this is where one guy got onstage and played cowbells (later, a woman joined the band on cowbells)! The song featured a hot drum solo by Smack Daddy and some heavy bass by Terre!!

"Bop Gun" featured some great vocals by Wesley & Scrape.....and a vocal arrangement where they repeated "When the syndrome is around, don't let your guard down. All you gotta do is call on the funk!" over and over. The show was finally over at 2:10am.

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