At B.F. Biggins - Annapolis, MD (4/21/07)



Mr. Chicky himself!

At 10:00pm, the fun began with the performance of RAW HANDS, led by guitarist/lead vocalist Chicky. After a funky instrumental jam, it was to JB and Sly territory with "Doin' It to Death" and "I Wanna Take You Higher". After covering those few funky tunes well and a slow song, it was on to pop-ish "Too Hot" (originally by Kool & the Gang)...not a very good song, but there were some good solos in the mix from drummer Barry Brown, keyboardist Maceo, and bassist Lloyd. "I've Been Loving You Too Long" (an Otis Redding song) was followed by a teaser of an instrumental (it sounded like "Red Hot Momma") that led into a song called "Who is He?" "California Dreamin'" featured some of the most blazing guitar riffs by Chicky, especially at the beginning of the song! "Hey Joe" was the ending to this show with some more pyrotechnic good-tar blasts, of which Jimi Hendrix would be proud. The Raw Hands set was over at 11:00pm.

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Rod Hot, Wesley Beann, Andy Lassalle, Baby Clone and Scrape!

The Clones of Funk summoned the mothership at 11:30pm, with the nasty funk of "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" fused with a little bit of "Pumpin' It Up"...Wesley Beann and Scrape sounded great on lead vocals (as usual) and the inclusion of the beautiful Baby Clone (I think she's the granddaughter of Chuck Brown, one of go-go music's most famous musicians). THE CLONES OF FUNK PROMISED A NIGHT FILLED WITH ALMOST ALL FUNKADELIC TUNES...AND THEY DID DELIVER!! "Comin' Round the Mountain" and "Aqua Boogie" was good, but better was the inclusion of "The Goose" with hard-thumpin' bass by Terre Holland and nasty spit-fire guitar licks by one and only Andy Lassalle (Clones alumnus and axe-slaying phenom of defunkt funk band Nappyhead Funk Army)!!! "Red Hot Momma/Undisco Kidd" benefited well from the work of axe slaying fool, Mr. Hot Rod!! "Maggot Brain" was guitar heaven, with Hot Rod and Andy trading lead riffs!! It was on to some more obscure P-Funk works, like the irresistible "Trash-a-Go-Go" (with its driving funk-rock force), "Better By the Pound" and "Stuffs and Things". They even did a tribute to the late, great Eddie Hazel on "Trash-a-Go-Go". "One Nation Under a Groove" was good and so was the original song "We Are The Funky Ones"! "Cosmic Slop" was a special treat with Hot Rod laying down some white-hot lead guitar lines and Scrape doing most (if not all) the lead vocals! "Flashlight" sounded good with the invigorating synthesizer riffs of Gene McBride! "Up For the Downstroke" was cookin' with the rhythm section...Mark Brown was sounding real tight on the drums and Terre was kickin' out very meaty bass much funk, you'd get brain damage, baba!! The Clones of Funk ended their set at 1:40am.

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