At Roy Wilkins Park - Queens, NYC (9/9/06)


Leader of the Cloud 9 ministry, Zakeria "#9" Roberson!!

NOTE: This event was part of the 2nd Annual Gospelfest in Queens - New York City

At 1:50pm, Lady Peachena (formerly of the defunct '70s FUNK band QUAZAR, now totally devoted to Christ) introduced Zakeria Roberson and the Cloud 9 ministry...the band answered the call to worship with a song called "Praise God"...the funky workout (courtesy of guitar grooves of Groovalicious himself John Willis, funk bassisms by Mark Bass, and spicy keyboard riffing by Darryle Johnson & former Nappyhead mate Prez) featured lyrical arrangements that mirrored the arrangements in Graham Central Station's "It's Alright"! The background vocals by Sherri Harrington and Leslie were very good. The band even performed the chorus of the Nappyhead Funk Army song "God"...."God don't always give you what you want, but he always give you want you need!"

The beautiful Lady Peachena, hostess of the 2nd Annual Gospelfest

"Spiritual Purpose" was followed by an invitation to salvation, where Zakeria and the ministry went into the slow song "Run to Him". The last song "Clap Your Hands" was a serious funky jam that got a lot of the worshippers dancing...there was some really good drumming by Darryl Foster, of L.I.F.E. Ministry. The Cloud 9 ministry concluded at 2:30pm.

The Funky PREZident!!!

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