At Tramps, NYC - 8/20/99



Steve "Coolbone" Johnson

At 9:15pm, Coolbone started their set full of funky, brass-hop (hip-hop with jazzy horns) shit! Most of the fellas came out with matching outfits (black & white vertical-striped shirts & baggy jeans). I don't know much as far as the song set listing, so please bear with me! Interesting enough, Coolbone released their second set last year. This recent CD "Brass Vibes" is an independent release, unlike their debut CD "Brass-Hop" (on Hollywood Records in 1997). Apparently, Hollywood Records wasn't doing anything but hurtin' Coolbone, so the group left the label & record company. I believe this story is somewhat revealed in the song "Intro: Da Game" on the "Brass Vibes" CD.


Anyway, I don't think that I heard anything recognizable from their debut CD. From my recollection, I believe they did "Intro: Da Game", "Layin' It Down 2nd Line Style" and "Supposed To Be Brothers" were performed. The group also did a rap to the music of Mavis Staples's "I'll Take You There". The group is a wonderful amalgamation of jazz, funk & hip-hop! The horns were funky, as well as keyboards & drums. I might be wrong, but the tuba sounded extraordinary funky, acting as the "bass guitar" for the brass band. I listened to the second Coolbone CD and it sounded more hip-hop than jazzy-funk, unlike the first CD. Their brass-hop set ended at 10:15pm.

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