At the Bitter End, NYC (7/11/00)



Corey Glover & Mike Ciro performed a great acoustic show at the Bitter End. Somehow it seemed like the show was more like a regular Corey show with all the energy of Corey's vocal performance and presence!!

The show started at 9:05pm, with a very good performance of "Things are Getting in the Way", with some nice acoustic guitar by Mike and breath-taking vocals by Corey!! "The Last Temptation" featured more of Corey's vocal greatness!! "Little Girl" sounded so good, with Mikey on backing vocals!! Mike started the Beatles song "Yesterday", but decided not to finish it, stating that it was a mistake!

"Use Me" was Corey's shining moment.....he sent powerful shockwaves throughout the place with his intense falsetto vocals while Mike beat on his guitar (as a percussion instrument).

"One" featured the nice piano sounds of Benny Harrison.
"You Are My One Addiction" featured Mike on co-lead vocals and his acoustic guitaring sounded so beautiful!! "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" was a song that Mike started but Corey acted as if he didn't want to do it....nevertheless, Corey performed and purposely changed the lyric "Please not that again" to "Please not that song again"! He also sang the final verse (about the wedding march) in a hilarious, raspy tone! (I remember someone asking the guys to do "Time's Up" and Corey stated, "Now you know that if I don't know it, Mike sure won't". Mike responded, "I never played with that group [Living Colour]". Anyway, Mike got people into "Ugly Head" with some pronounced acoustic guitarisms!!! "April Rain" featured background vocals by Booker King and Benny (and they sounded good). Corey finally rose from his chair and started jumpin' about.....acting almost like the Corey that I know from the Wetlands. The Corey Glover & Mike Ciro set ended at 10:00pm.

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