At Chestnut Hill College - Philly (4/17/05)


Curt Chambers, great lead guitarist/vocalist!!!!

At 4:45pm, Curt Chambers & the Bits of Clay started their set with Curt Chambers doing a little freestyle rapping...after his rapping, the band did the first song of the set "Incredible", a serious funk-rock tune with good rhythm guitar riffs by Gabriel, solid funk bass lines by Dwayne, and good vocalizations by lead vocalist/guitarist Curt & backing vocalist Jamie! The highlights of the song were some fiery lead guitar soaring by Curt (including some Jimi Hendrix style of high-enery guitar riffing....reminiscent of the ending to Hendrix's song "Ezy Rider") and tight, tight drumming by Jay! The second song (I don't know any of the song titles, except the first one) was as funky and rock-tinged as the first, with Curt stating that he was George Benson in his former life, as he was playing and singing guitar chords! The third song was about a past long-distance relationship that Curt had. The last song featured more of the Grade A lead guitar fire of Curt and more of those tight drum riffs by Jay! The show was over at 5:15pm.

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