Dave Mullen & BUTTA

At Club Groove - NYC (2/17/07)


I arrived late at 7:45pm to check out the funky jazz sensation Dave Mullen & Butta. They already performed "Mahoney's Way" and was playing "March of the Roaches", with Dave Mullen blowing hot horny sounds from both saxophone and clarinet! "Flip It" was great with the bombastic drumming in the middle of the song (I don't remember the drummer's name), matched with the insane keys of Etienne and turntable scratching of Eric-Jay (aka "Snakefoot")! Margarita tackled the lead vocals for "Chase Away the Rain" very well, and "Like Rashaan" was quite jazz-funky with the stank bass riffs of Don Martin and the combination of tribal drumbeats & cowbell. "Lost Souls" and "True Believer" were Margarita vocal spotlights, with Dave throwing down hot & horny sax riffs on "True Believer". Before I forget, the guys did a great instrumental of The O'Jays's "For the Love of Money". "Squid" was a good ending to the jazz-funk set, which concluded around 9:00pm.

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