Dave Mullen & BUTTA

At Club Groove - NYC (9/23/06)


Master of the BUTTA, Dave Mullen, with Jerald & Don Martin!

At 7:20pm, Dave Mullen and his band BUTTA started with some jazz/funk stuff featuring the spoken word of Eric-Jay Pierce (aka Snakefoot, an old-guy character modeled after Richard Pryor's MUDBONE and TM Stevens's UNCLE FESTER (from the song "Roots" on his 3rd CD release STICKEY WICKED)...the song was "Mahoney's Way". Etienne provided the nastiest funk clavinet since Stevie Wonder, while Don held the fans' attention with some good ole thumpin' funk bass!! This stuff continued into the next song "March of the Roaches" with Eric-Jay handling the DJ stuff on the wheelz of steel!! Dave Mullen set the place afire with some red-hot saxophone & clarinet riffs, especially when he played both at the same time. During the set, vocalist Margarita held her own on two songs, including one called "True Believer". Jerald was aboard handling some hot trumpet riffs on the last song "Squid", which featured a heavy-duty power drum solo by Damon! The show ended at 8:45pm.

Run it down, MR. DJ Eric-Jay!!!

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