At the Bitter End - NYC (5/18/02)



At 2:15am, the Prince tribute band extraordinaire from da Big Apple, DAYS OF WILD, hit the stage with some Sly Stone funk called "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)"......the poppin' bass was strong and super-funky!! The Time's "Wild & Loose" sounded great with Stephane on funky vocals.......the lead guitar riffing by Rusty and the thumpin' bass were hot, along with the tight drumming of Guyocious!! "Sign O' The Times" had a different musical arrangement, but featured a guest lead guitarist who blew away the Prince fans with some pyrotechnic riffs! I love the way Days of Wild performed "A Love Bizarre", with the way most of the band breaked briefly after the chorus and the drummer kicked the song back into gear!!! "Sexy MF" featured some nasty organ riffs and some funky saxophones!! "Starfish & Coffee" was a slow ending to the set (a VERY, VERY SHORT SET!! WHAT THE HELL IS UP HERE??!!!)........the song was dedicated to a woman who recently graduated from college! (interesting enough....the third verse was left off!) The short set ended at 3:20am.


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