At the Bitter End - NYC (7/12/02)



The funky bass player, The Kid!!!!

At 1:15am, the Princely cover band, DAYS OF WILD, began their set with the sexy sounds of "Sexy M.F."......each musician got a chance to show their funky chops, especially the funky horn players! Three georgeous women (two of them were Black) were onstage jamming with the lead vocalist Stephane and one Dr. Brookenstein, who decided to join the party and do the ending chorus lines of "Sexy M.F."! ( this Dr. Brookenstein a NEW member of the Days of Wild??) The lead guitar lines by Rusty Martini were hardcore for the song "America"! I can't remember if it was during "Gett Off" or the next song where the DJ started doing some funky turntable scratching that REALLY excited the fans!! "Gett Off" featured a samba portion where The Kid (the bassist) got off with some stank bass riffing!! "Wild & Loose", "Kiss" and "Love Bizarre" followed, with "Love Bizarre" featuring funky horn riffs from a bootlegged song, featuring Prince & the Revolution doing a cover of the Rolling Stones's "Miss You"!! "Sign O' The Times" was good and featured Dr. Brookenstein doing lead vocals on the second verse of the song ("Hurricane Annie ripped the ceiling off a church and killed everyone inside.......")! Days of Wild actually the Funkadelic epic song, "Maggot Brain"......wished somebody did the G. Clinton rap! Unfortunately, the lead guitar was missing a lot of was nowhere near the intensity of the original (or better)! The show ended at 3:30am.

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