At the Bitter End - NYC (9/20/02)



At 1:30am, the DAYS OF WILD gave it up on the Prince tribute with some of the standard Days of Wild stuff, like "Gett Off" and "America", the latter featuring the funky bass prowess of Tak!! The birthday girl, Tanya Michelle, was onstage the entire show, handling her duty as co-lead/lead vocalist with such ease and purple-funkiness!! Somebody named George (I hope I got that name right) sang "Happy birthday" to Tanya for about five minutes (even with echo effects on). "Love Will Conquer All" was a Tanya Michelle R&B solo spotlight tune......asking for peace the world over (especially with the Big Apple being devastated by the unspeakable tragedy of 9-11-01). "Sexy MF" was enough to get half of the fans onstage, dancing to the irresistible guitar riffs of Rusty Martini! As a matter of fact, "Sexy MF" was where the band stretched out and did a lot of solos: Rusty (guitar), Jonathan Fritz (guitar), Jimmy (guitar), Tak (bass), Guy (drums), and two horn players (sax & trumpet). One guy was cool enough to go onstage and sing one of his favorite songs!! "Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin" was where Tak decided to tear up the Bitter End with the nastiest bass lines ever heard!!! Tanya did most of the vocal work, with Stephane (lead vocalist) jumped in periodically! (At one point, Dr. Brookenstein filled in for a hot minute during the chorus.) "Sex Machine" had lyrics from "Funky Stuff" (Kool & the Gang)and "The Little Groove Maker Me" (James Brown).

"Wild & Loose" was exactly that........that was when Mr. Jonathan Fritz.........(dramatic pause).........was responsible for the firebombing of the Bitter End, by playing the most Hendrixian, nastiest, pyrotechnic, ear-splitting guitar riffs ever!!! He used the treble bar and "played some backwards riffs!!! Jonathan's fiery solo made the other musicians's efforts look pretty insignificant!!!

The show was finally over at 3:35am.

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