At the Bitter End - NYC (9/21/07)


DAYS OF WILD leader/vocalist extraordinaire, Stephane!!

At 1:00am, the Days of Wild began with a long funky instrumental that offered grooves & melodies reminiscient of the Prince songs "Gett Off" and "America"....this gave way to a vocal performance by a guest female vocalist doing a song called "Tell Me How You Want It" (or something like that). The funk got a lot deeper with the Sly Stone feel of "Thank You Falletime Be Mice Elf Agin", featuring Stephane on the lead vocals and The Kid on seriously poppin' bassisms!!! "1 + 1 + 1 = 3" was great with the energized performance of Jonathan Fritz on funky rhythm guitarisms....Jonathan was standing on one of the dining tables as he played his guitar solo! The Kid's basswork and the beat of the funky drummer Guyalicious was the highlight of the song "America", along with backing vocal performance by two female vocalists! "3121" started out with the jazzy horn riffing of Chuck (on sax) and Sandro (on trombone) and went into heavy-rock guitar madness, courtesy of Jimi and Jonathan! Next was some JB's groovin'......."Get on the Good Foot" bass riff followed by "Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin'"....Jonathan gave up the funk with foot-stompin' scratch guitaring and Tak was the Godzilla of the bass....strong, stankin', odorious, sweaty, "where's your Right Guard at?" bass licks, baba!! "Hot Pants" was the last JB song in the set....and it was (of course) HOT!! "Musicology" was great because of the funkier arrangement during the chorus from the bass (The Kid) and guitar (Jonathan). "Sing a Simple Song" was another funky Sly tune with Stephane and Chuck swapping lead vocals, and guest Dr. Brookenstein assisting on backing vocals....a music fan was invited to the stage to do one of the verses. More and more fans were invited onstage to celebrate the funky spirit of Prince on "D.M.S.R. (Dance, Music, Sex, Romance)"! "Kiss" was followed by the show-stoppin' "The Everlasting Now", which included Sandro blowing siren sounds from his trombone (now, THAT'S NEW)! "Superstition" featured Scott on lead vocals and funky rhythm guitar. "Sexy M.F." was followed by the funky bass slappin' finale of "Thank You for Talking to Me, Africa" which concluded the show at 3:30am.

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