At the Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC (5/13/05)


The funky guitarist and hater of the ".COM" domains, Zach "Professor Z-Love" Cutler!!!

The DC Funk Squad hit the stage at 11:25pm ready to set fire to Chocolate City (and its vanilla suburbs) with some "Dirty HoDown" and "Up at the Tippi-Top".....featuring the heavy-duty, earthquaking, Bootsy-style wet fonk bass licks by Dajando Smith, funky wah-wah guitarisms of Zach "Professor Z-Love" Cutler, tight drumming by Jeremy Cutler, funky sexophone riffing by Megan Northrup, and good congas/tamborine by Hodari "The Dirty Ho"!! "Thomas's Stinky Muffins" sounded like something from the 70's with some of Dajando's wet 'n' nasty bass acrobatics (WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?!! HA HA HA!!) and funky rhythm guitaring by Zach! "I Want You Back" (The Jackson 5 classic) was very good, but "Country Funk" was better with some country guitar funk by Zach and some hilarious "redneck" ad-libbing by Hajando...the ending of the show was a hot, fast-tempo "country hodown/hootenanny" stuff that had the fans jamming their behinds off!! "Wookie Nookie" (yes, that's what I said!) was a super-funk fest headed by the fastest & funkiest bass acrobat in the land of Chocolate City and even included some Wookie talking by Hajando!

With all of this funky stuff, one would have to wonder: How much better would DC Funk Squad sound if they had a lead vocalist?

"Superstition" (originally by the "birthday boy (5/13)" Stevie Wonder) sounded great, but once again, how much better would it be if a great (or close to great) vocalist sung the lyrics....but I digged Megan's tenor sax riffs for the verse melody! "Badonkafonk" and "SlideBump Jam" were great funk tunes, but better was the super-hot performance of the "Theme From Suckaman Gonna Git Ya" with The Dirty Ho's crazed madman performance on the congas (he beat those congas like they stole money from him) and ended the performance by kicking those things over....even Dajando's attempts to restrain him were in vain!

The show was over at 12:25am.

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