At DC Nine - Washington, DC (5/20/04)



At 8:30pm, the D.C. Funk Squad (featuring the internet's own Professor Z-Love) started their set with a song featuring some funky, thumpin' bass by Dajando, great percussion work (cowbells & tambourines) by Hodari, good sax riffs by Megan, and great rhythm guitarisms by the one and only Professor Z-Love!! The second song started with scratch guitarisms and percussion (congas). The third song featured some crazy bass slapping....durings the percussion break, bassist Dajando and Professor Z-Love played cowbells while the percussionist got real busy (including blowing his whistle)!! It was at this point that a few music fans finally got off their asses and danced. "I Want You Back" (the Jackson 5 classic) featured a good drum solo by Jeremy. "Suckas Gonna Get Ya" (a blaxploitation theme) featured the hottest dose of da funk, especially the insane bass antics of Dajando, strong lead guitarisms by The Z, and some intense conga playing. The show was over at 9:15pm.

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