At the Blues Cruise - NYC (8/25/04)



Pipes at the mic, with drummer Eric Kalb and percussionist Johnny Durkin in the back!!

At 7:25pm (20 minutes after the Blues Cruise ship left the dock at Pier 83, 42nd Street @ Hudson River), the original configuration of Deep Banana Blackout started their funky show with the song "Getcha All in the Mood" (featuring the DBB horns, Volo and Rob Somerville).....every ass on the ship was rockin' (and not just from the motion of the river, baba!) DBB was on a mission to give the NYC fans a super-funky experience reminiscent of the old guys with these guys would tour up and down the coast....and boy did they!!! The next song was a funkified jam that featured a great percussion solo by the one and only Johnny Durkin, nasty lead guitarisms by The Big Fuzz, a tight & funky drum solo by Eric Kalb, and some good synthesized riffs by Cyrus Madan!

"Eat at Volo's" and "Stiff Pickin'" were great, but better was the crowd butt-shaker "Bump and Sway"......
of course, it wouldn't be a great show without the super-talented, soulful vocalist supreme.......(drum roll, please)......JEN "PIPES" DURKIN!!! The fans were on Cloud 9 as EVERYONE was singing & FEELIN' the hook!! "Red Hot Momma" featured the lead guitar madness of The Big Fuzz", while "Super Bad" was Pipes's shining vocal moment.....WATCH ME, I GOT IT...HEYYYYYYY!!! (You gotta love the Durkin percussion on "Super Bad") "Take Your Time" featuring some groovin' bass by Benj LeFevre and a serious drum breakdown by Eric.....made the boat rock violently! The last song was the Aretha Franklin hit "Rock Steady".....and that's what the fans did....and the boat did too, baba!! (IF THIS BOAT IS A-ROCKIN', DON'T COME A-KNOCKIN'.....'LESS YOU WANNA GET DOWN WITH THE BANANA!!) Pipes's vocals were nothing short of spectacularly funky!! The show was over as the boat docked at Pier 9:00pm.

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