At Mill Creek Tavern - Philly (7/28/04)



Funky guitar man, Dan Jost!!

The Disciples of Groove started their set at 9:50pm with The Meters's "People Say", featuring a nice saxophone addition to the groove (thanks to Matt Totora) and the funky rhythm guitaring of Dan Jost! "The Simpsons Theme" was interesting, with some heavy drumming by Dave Gardner. "So What's It All About?" was followed by a new song that was hot 'n' funky with some jammin' bass (of bassist Rob Smith) & lead guitar (of guitarist Dan Jost), along with the powerful drumming! "Chemistry" featured some slap bass riffs, followed by the songs "So You Can See" and "Syllabus". The schnizophrenic sound of "The Bond Theme Medley" wasn't as interesting as the funkier "Too Steep to Step". The band led the fans into chanting the Funkadelic anthem "Shit, goddamn, get off your ass and jam", before going to the Funkadelic jam "Good to Your Earhole".....which, of course, was the icing on the funk cake, baba!! The set was over at 10:40pm.

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Lead vocalist, Brian Williams!!

At 11:00pm, The Blue Method started their set with The J.B.'s "The Grunt", featuring the funkiest horniest horns (courtesy of Brian Williams, Luke O'Reilly & Tom Long) ever heard in Philly!! The second tune featured some bad-ass vocals by Brian Williams, funky synthesizer riffs by Luke O'Reilly, and lead guitar blasts by Michael Patriarca!! The third song featured a breakdown where Luke's synthesized grooves got really nasty (sounding almost like a guitar) and the drumming (courtesy of Theron Shelton) was tight and nasty!! "Squib Cakes" (a Tower of Power original) featured a fiery lead guitar solo, funky horns and an inclusion of a P-Funk chorus from "Flashlight"!! "Pass The Peas" was horn-riffic, baba........with some lead guitar fire and inclusion of "The Jeffersons Theme" and a chant called "I Don't Know What You Come To Do"!! "Use Me" was badd 'cuz the drummer Theron broke it down nice & heavy, along with a great saxophone solo by Tom! The last song was a funky, funky song that sounded like James Brown's "Sex Machine", featuring some funky bassisms by Dapp! The funky set was over at 12:30am.

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