At the Pontiac Grille - Philly (3/18/05)


Funky white boy, Dan Jost!

I arrived at the Pontiac Grille around 11:10pm to check out New Jersey's funksters Disciples of Groove (who were already performing). The fellas seemed to throwing down with more energy than the previous shows I checked out. "So You Can See" sounded really, really great with some raw guitar power by Dan Jost and some powerful drumming by Dave Gardner!! "So What's It All About" sounded different without the sax riffs (saxophonist Matt Totora didn't arrive till late). "Chemistry" was followed by the college-aged "Syllabus", featuring a hot drum solo by David and more guitar power by Dan (this is where Matt Totora came in and added sax riffs)! "Tell Me Something Good" (yes, the Rufus & Chaka Khan classic) was done in an awkward-sounding way that the only thing that probably saved the song was some good, solid basslines by Rob Smith...well, some classics should never be touched. "The Simpsons Theme" was followed by a newer song (don't know the name of it, but it was pretty funky). The Disciples of Groove finished their set around 11:45pm.

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