At Doc Watson's Pub - Philly (9/13/03)



At 12:10am, the Disciples of Groove started with a funky set (this was part of a competition between 5 bands......and I believe DISCIPLES OF GROOVE won the competition!!!) The first song was "So What's It All About?" featuring some great fiery lead guitarisms (during the middle of the song) and some nice saxophone riffs! The next song, "As We Think We Is" featured some heavy, funky bass riffs as the intro.....FUNKALICIOUS, BABA!!! The breakdown of this song featured some screeching guitarisms and some good drumming! "Syllabus" and "Chemistry" were followed by "Too Steep to Step", a good funk tune with some beatbox vocals.....personally, I could do without it. "Hologram" and "Take a Dive" were nice....but the best part was their rendition of Funkadelic's "Good to Your Earhole"....it was some HOT HOT shit that finally got the crowd pumped up....people clapped their hands to the funk-de-force (the performance was pretty close to the original, but not as good as the Clones of Funk)....the lead guitarisms were pretty good!! The show was over at 12:50am.

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