At Tobacco Road in NYC - 1/10/02



The "Funkadelic for the Millennium" band, DRUGS, started their funky set at 12:00 midnight with a steaming funk instrumental (what's the name of that song?), complete with electrifying rock guitarisms by Adam Widoff, standout bassisms by the one and only Mr. Funky Bassman himself, Mr. Lige Curry!!!! Joe Eppart was extra-funky on rhythm guitar. "Billy" featured great vocals by Joe Eppart, who provided some smokin' lead solo guitarisms!!! (PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC, WHITE BOY!!!)

"Don't Mess With Me" (DRUGS's equivalent to the War song, "Spill the Wine") featured the smokey, zeep vocals of da crazy fool on the small, funky synthesizer box, Mr. Michael "Clip" Payne!!!"Baby I Owe You Something Good" was mostly done in a low-key tone (unlike Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors)....the song ended in the same tone. The original vocalist of "Baby I Owe You" graced the fans with his beautiful vocals.....that's Mr. Garry "Diaperman" Shider!!! Garry blew away the fans with some top-notch rhythm guitar soloing......(LOVE YOU, GARRY!!) The beautiful female vocalist, Stephanie McKay, provided some co-lead vocals for this masterpiece!!

"Daddy's a Got Secret" sounded good, but "Deep Down in the Dumps" was an unexpected addition to the live set.....a deep-down funkalicious song about a woman who always knows how to lift her man out of his blues! The song went on for at least ten minutes with the guitar army smokin' the shit out of Tobacco Road (HA HA HA!!! SMELL THE TOBACCO SMOKE!!) Clip's vocals were great, but the best part was seeing two brothers getting really into it.......Clip gave them the mic and they rocked the shit out of the song!! Everyone started singing their own P-Funk chants!! The set slowed down for "Cold-Hearted World", featuring a long mellow intro and some good ole bass from Lige! "Strung Out" was introduced as Lige's favorite tune (and it's mine, too)! "Mis-America" featured some great vocals by Clip, Garry, Stephanie & Joe! "Brain on Drugs" was some zeep-ass guitar psychedelia jam, complete with an euphoric high that fell on the audience, Garry's funky ad-libs, and echo in Clip's vocals!

DRUGS continued with a new song that's supposed to be on the next CD.......a funky-ass song that featured.....(LISTEN UP).....some EXTRA-EXTRA-ZEEP, EXTRA-EXTRA-FUNKY *BASS* RIFFING by one ***LIGE CURRY***!!! The riffs were so strong that they bounced off the walls and knocked the Sir Nose out of any unfunky MF's in that club!! Everyone was jammin' to this shit!!!

"Alabama" was a good southern blues-style ditty, featuring lead vocals by Clip and co-lead vocals by Stephanie. "Freedom Came This Way" was good, but better was the killer Funkadelic-rock of "Never Ever".......heavy drumming by Robert "Chicken" Burke, strong Clipadelic lead vocals, and a full assault by the DRUGS Guitar Army set Tobacco Road on fire!!! The show was over at 2:15am.

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