4:20 FUNK MOB (featuring George Clinton)

At the Haunt - Ithaca, NY - 2/28/02



The rock guitarist of DRUGS, Adam Widoff!!!

At 9:45pm, the DRUGS took effct on the Haunt with some tripped-out psychedelic shit called "Don't Mess With Me". featuring some electrifying, psychedelic guitar riffs by Adam Widoff!! The next song featured some thumpasorus, funky-duty bass licks by Lige Curry!! (Lige is definitely sounding more and more funky!!) "Deep Down in the Dumps" featured some swooping bass by Lige, funky drumbeats by Robert "Chicken" Burke, and great audience participation with everyone singing the chorus!!! "Daddy's Got a Secret" featured the beautiful Stephanie McKay on lead vocals, accompanied by da crazy fool, Clip Payne, on vocals! Dave Kaz sounded great on the sax solo!! "Mis-America", the acid-drenched title track filled the Haunt with so much guitar euphoria (from Garry Shider, Jerry Bernstein, Adam and Lige), equivalent to every fan getting a good dose of heroin! "Cold Hearted World" was good, thanks to Stephanie's beautiful vocals. "Strung Out" was a marvelous R&B/funk masterpiece, thanks to the smokey vocals of Garry Shider; it didn't hurt that Gary did an exceptional rhythm guitar solo! The last song, "Never Ever" rocked the Haunt, with high-energy, volatile guitar madness.....the place was packed with so many funk-hungry fans that rocked their heads aggressively to the quick-paced, blastin' Funkadelic grooves! The show was over at 10:50pm.

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The funkiest Kidd on the planet, Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton!!

At 11:25pm, the Kidd Funkadelic Experience started with the arrival of the one and only bad-ass guitarist Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton, the super-drummer Gabe "Undisco Kidd" Gonzalez (the General of E-Squadelic band ENEMY SQUAD), and bassist Eli. The first song was a nasty hardcore rock song with some crazy Kidd guitar madness, good drumming, and some sinister heavy bassisms!! The next song was less intense but featured some super-funky drumbeats by Gabe! The following song sounded like a song from the Kidd's debut CD "Heavy Metal Funkason"......it featured a power-rock bass riff and a funky breakdown from Parliament's "Flashlight" (the opening bars of the Parliament song). "Maggot Brain" was a magical moment as the Kidd dazzled the fans with his intense tribute to the late Eddie Hazel!! "Machine Gun" (the Jimi Hendrix tune) was a rock blast with some tasty axe-slaying by the Kidd and some heavy bass. The Kidd Funkadelic Experience ended at 12:05am.

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Guest for the 4:20 Funk Mob show.....GEORGE CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 12:30am, the 4:20 Funk Mob started with some of that thang......that is, "There's Nothing But Me But Thang"....the funk-rock groove galloped throughout the Haunt enticing everyone to shake their moneymakers! The guitar army was just too hardcore (Garry Shider, Ted Orr, Kidd Funkadelic, and Lige Curry)!! The Master of P-Funk himself, George Clinton, came out and finished the "Thang" song!! The audience lost their minds as George half-sung/half-growled the lyrics! From there, it was "Dr. Funkenstein" time......everybody chanted the chorus to George's delight! Mr. "Amp" Fiddler played some funky Worrellesque keyboards.......sounds from the planet DOG STAR!! P-Funk alumnus, Andre Foxxe, joined his old buds on stage to add some more funk to the mix with his rhythm guitar! "Mothership Connection" brought the entire club to its knees! George began chanting shit like "It would be ludacris to think we are new to this.....we do this.....this is what we do!" over a groove from "Still Tight" (Incorporated Thang Band stuff)! This audience chant continued through selections like "I Got a Thang, You Got a Thang, Everybody's Got a Thang", "I'll Bet You", and "Funky Dollar Bill". "Amp" showed off seriously funky keyboard wizardry on "I'll Bet You".....his work on "Funky Dollar Bill" was good, too. "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" started low-key to allow George to converse and play with the P-Funk fans. Chants from "Tear The Roof Off the Sucka" and "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" could be heard everywhere. "Free Your Mind" became more hardcore and nasty with the guitar army blastin'!!

The greatest blues song by Funkadelic, "Qualify & Satisfy", was an unexpected sizzler with the return of George Clinton and the amazing, soulful Garry Shider on lead vocals!! The sog was a meaty-bass delight with Ted Orr on a blazing guitar solo and a hot drum solo by Gabe Gonzalez!

"Funky Woman" was a great rocker, except Clip forget some of the lyrics and Garry quickly filled in for him. I don't know what happened to the band during the instrumental break because the shit fell apart....in particular, the absences of the child-like keyboardisms from Amp. The band started to tighten up shortly afterwards. At 2:00am, the show was over.

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