At MIT - Boston, MA (9/07/02)



I arrived at a MIT fraternity house at 7:00pm and waited for the arrival of K-Funkstar and his fiancee, Barbara Johnson. This was a private party featuring the Detroit funk band, Enemy Squad! At 10:00pm, the E-Squad team arrived and prepared for a night of turning out the MIT students on some real funk-rock shit!

The Undisco Kidd does it again!!!!!

At 11:30pm, Enemy Squad let loose a venomous attack of Detroit Rock City funk shit......some intergalactic excursion into some uncharted, chaotic universe......it was called "Welcome to the Millennium"! "Return of the Swamp Thang" continued with some more megawatt funk-rock....some stank bass (by K.C.), fiery guitar riffs (by Ron Smith) and some tight, funky drumming (by the Undisco Kidd himself, Gabe Gonzalez)! The Original PFunk keyboardist, Pete Piscaryzk, gave up the funk on "Loose Booty"! "If It Fits (Do You Swear It?)" was good, and was followed by some chanting of "Pussy"!! "Head" was really good (DID I SAY THAT?!)....with some stank-ass bassisms, some funkalicious vocals by the ever-so-funky K.C. and some super-funky additional vocals by K-Funkstar (who walked about the house with his wireless mic.......I love this guy better than Keith Thomas)!! "Anti-Prozac" was some sleazy-funk shit with the cool vocals of Gabe Gonzalez!! At 12:15am, as Enemy Squad was groovin' on the latin tip, the cops showed up to stop the party (sound like some "Martial Law" shit!! CURFEW AIN'T GONNA GET IT!! Listenin' is a go-go.......groovin' is so-so........funkin' is NOT allowed!! "They say, 'it's illegal'!")

The amazing K-Funkstar.....what will he do next??!!

After 45 minutes, the show resumed with a long instrumental jam with some conga drumming by K-Funkstar!! "Good to Your Earhole" was stankalicious....funky drums prevailed and keyboardisms were off da hook! "Prankster Boogie" and "Trick Chick Jane" were some super-dopalicious party vibe shit!! (DETROIT FUNK ROCKS!!!) "Alice in My Fantasies" was some high-octane, explosive rock shit that got the audience's energy level to a new level!! (One criticism: they need a second guitarist to seriously do a heavy-duty solo on the breakdown of the song.) As the band was on some other shit on "We're on Sum Other Shit", they followed it with the "Dirty Rap" portion of the show, with "We be funkin' over here, up there ain't shit!", "Take Your Dead Ass Home" and "Let's Take it to The Stage"! "United State of Mind" was the funky ending to this extravaganza, with Gabe standing up on his chair, playing the shit out of his drums!!!!!! The show was over at 2:30am.

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