At Arlene's Grocery, NYC (6/02/00)



Extra Virgin started very late at 12:15am. "Rubber Chin" started the showwith a heavy-duty rock attitude, with serious hardcore rock guitars, odorious bass, heavy drums & spaced-out synthesizer sounds!! "My Universe" sounded like some early classic rock of the 70's, which did not appeal to me. "Palm Reader" was a slow rock ballad. "Goin' Deep" returned the show to the heavy rock format with some serious funk-rock guitar riffing!

"Everything's Changing" was followed by "Fat Laces", the funkiest rock tour-de-force that I ever heard in the past 24 hours.......there was a funk-rock guitar line that was off da hook mixed with some spaced-out synthesizer sounds!!!!!

The energy was more than enough to melt Arlene Grocery to the ground!!! "Pay The Man" was more hard-rock shit! "20 Days" started off with a mild rock sound, before jumping into hard rock madness. Extra Virgin finished with "Medication Time" and their encore song, "Hollow". The show was over at 1:10am.


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