At the Point - Bryn Mawr, PA (11/19/04)



At 7:05pm, the R&B band EyeLevel began with some tasty acoustic and rhythm guitar licks of "Back to Me", featuring John Pompeo and Larry Boggs on vocals. "Not My Home" was some harder rock stuff with pronounced bass riffs by Jeremy Pflug, good drumming by Steve Pompeo and guitar riffs by John and Larry. "Truce" and "Breaking Me Down" were okay. Hearing the giantSEQUOIA song "Parallel" took me back about three years ago when the old band was performing...vocals were done by John and Larry. "Turn" started very mellow with no bass or drums for about two minutes. Unfortunately, "The Hole You're In" sounded nothin' like the original song...it was much, MUCH softer...the hard rock edge that was there is now gone. (Also, the lyrics and lyrical arrangement were changed)....hmmm?! The show was over at 7:40pm.

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